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Mag Specialists

These days most new cars can be purchased standard with alloy wheels which are available as aluminium or mag wheels. The term mag is short for magnesium, which is actually the type of metal used in the manufacturing of these wheels. Both aluminium and magnesium wheels are lightweight and provide good heat conduction. Using mixtures of metals and elements reinforced these wheels so that they became more durable than standard steel wheels that were made from pure metal.

Before the improvements to magnesium wheels were achieved, they possessed low ductility and were very brittle, which caused them to be quite unsafe. Even though these wheels were still made of a type of light alloy, the main ingredient was the magnesium. The manufacturing of a better-improved type of aluminium wheel became great for motorsports as well as being more durable.

We specialize in repairing Alloy Rims and are up to date with the latest technology of diamond finish. Bloemfontein Mag Repairs is known to be the largest business of its kind in the Free State and Northern Cape. Our well trained staff repair, weld and polish all aluminium rims. Bloemfontein Mag Repairs has been rendering services to Blue Chip companies within the Free State and Northern Cape for the last 12 years. We also do fitment, strip, balancing and velconizing of tyres.

Our Vision

We are always prepared to walk the extra mile for our clients. Our vision is to improve machinery and give a even better quality finish. Striving to perfect client service.

What to Do If Your Mag Wheels Are Damaged

Having a damaged wheel not only ruins the appearance, but also makes driving your motor vehicle more unsafe. Having the rims repaired could entail many aspects depending on the extent of damage and having it repaired sooner than later may help save you money than to replace the entire wheel.

Buckled / Bent Rims – These would have to be straightened and can be done if the damage is only on one side of the rim. In many cases, the work done in the straightening of the rim does not have an effect on the aesthetics of the actual rim.

Refurbishment – If there is damage to the front of the rim, it may require a full refurbishment in order to restore it. This may include paintwork & powder coating, straightening, welding and leak testing.

Characteristics of Magnesium & Aluminium Wheels

  • Both are lightweight thus making them easier on the cost of fuel and mileage because they accelerate better.
  • Both rims are very appealing in looks
  • Aluminium cools quicker and has a lower melting point as opposed to magnesium rims that if exposed to extreme heat could ignite into flames.
  • Magnesium rims are in a sense more durable than aluminium rims as they are not prone to bend when encountering a pothole. Whereas aluminium rims could bend, however, once magnesium wheels are bent or cracked, they cannot be fully restored and would have to be replaced.
  • Aluminium as well as steel rims are less expensive than magnesium wheels and can be manufactured to look nearly a perfect match as the more expensive mag wheels.
  • In the pursuit to maintain your wheels, make sure that you drive carefully and avoid unnecessary potholes as well as scraping the curb when parking.


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